If you aren’t sure why you should choose a mortgage broker instead of an independent lender such as a bank here are a few reasons.

  • Brokers are required to be licensed by completing mandatory education and taking national and state exams.
  • Brokers also are held accountable for continuing their education through periodic classes.
  • Most importantly for our clients, brokers are required to disclose our fees and earnings up front.
  • Another key difference is that brokers work with a variety of different lenders which gives us more flexibility than most independent lenders and allows us to create a scenario that is a better fit for our clients.


     Multiple Option Mortgage Services is a local, residential mortgage broker operating in Louisville and the surrounding areas, specializing in fixed-rate mortgages including FHA, VA, Kentucky housing and more. Over 25 years in business we have worked hard to develop the best working relationships with our clients and lenders, we are dedicated to maintaining these relationship through, integrity, hard-work, and communication.

  • M.O.M.S. takes pride in the fact that we don’t have any fees that aren’t necessary to getting a loan, this means we don’t charge any extra underwriting, processing, or application fees. This gives our clients lower closing costs and lets them do the most for their money.
  • Our brokers are dedicated to providing you with the smoothest transitions through the mortgage process.  We invest quality service to assess our customers needs and expectations, determining the best possible terms, rates, and loan programs available.
  • M.O.M.S. excels at helping our clients know the ins and outs of all the options available to them in order to help them choose the best program for their lifestyle.

 Call us at 502.473.1817 to discuss how we can best assist you through your mortgage process.


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