MOMS Finance Training

Classes will be every Thursday from 9:30 – 11:30 at our building in the lower level conference room. We will be covering a variety of topics related to real estate financing including: Dialogue to help discuss financing with clients Homeowners insurance – factors that effect rates and how it effects financing Writing contracts with financing…Continue Reading

FHA Financing more attractive

Since the beginning of the year FHA financing has changed a lot which makes the program much more attractive to borrowers. FHA has reduced their MI costs and raised their loan limit in many places to $284,000.If you have a mortgage with FHA financing that was closed before February 2015 you should contact us to…Continue Reading


On the horizon we have some big plans. We will be starting a Loan Lingo update focused on providing everyone with some vocabulary which will make getting a loan seem a bit less foreign. Our team will keep the community up to date with any big changes in the marketplace. And I’m sure there will…Continue Reading


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